Online Session Drums

If you can’t find a drummer for your tracks, we can get the job done. Using one of our fantastic session drummers, we can deliver the very best drum tracks for your songs via the internet.

Get Started

  • First, send your tracks by email along with notes of what you’re after and any reference material for drum sounds and feel. It’s recommended that demo tracks are recorded to a click track.
  • We will take all of the information and send you a proposal of the services we can offer you, including the price with additional extras, you can also book if you would like (i.e professional mixing).
  • We will book a time in to record. The best take will be sent to you for your approval. Any changes can be made at this point. Here you can give us your comments, and we can make any changes you want, until you’re 100% happy.
  • Once you’ve decided which take you would like to use, the tracks will be sent to your inbox ready to be dropped in and mixed in any recording software.

Contact us with details of your next project.

Drum Mic Run Down

If you’re interested in how we mic our drums, then watch this film.